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OneCinema Automation

OneCinema Automation transforms your cinema into an intelligent building with low investment. Compared to classic building automation systems, it has a significant advantage for cinema operators - the knowledge of your show schedules and auditorium occupancy.

Automation & Monitoring

The system is easy to upgrade and can be also easily integrated into the existing facility infrastructure of older buildings. EIKONA Automation & Monitoring provides you with significant quality improvements, an increase in operational reliability as well as time and cost savings. A unique automation software especially for cinema operators for whom an efficient use of resources is important.

Always Reliable. Always on Time. Uniquely Efficient.

Hardware monitoring. Monitor bulb runtimes, fan speed and equipment temperatures. Send automated warnings if values are either below or above defined thresholds. Monitoring protects your equipment from overheating and expensive consequential defects.

Forecasting. The system calculates the lifespan of your bulbs and informs you in time when a replacement is necessary. The reminder can be based on the warranty life or your preferred values and can include a lead time for reordering.

Hardware control and building management. Boot up or shut down your hardware and building services based on show schedules - e.g. projectors and screen servers, devices with network connections such as network sockets, network relays in control cabinets, Integ Jnior controllers, displays and more. Perfectly reliable and on time - day after day, week after week, automatically based on your requirements - manual reprogramming of timers for vacation periods is a thing of the past.

Air conditioning automation. The system manages your AC according to your show schedule and the number of tickets sold from the POS system. This way, the ventilation automatically adjusts to the auditorium occupancy.

Automatic volume adjustment. You can also have the volume adjusted in the auditorium depending on the auditorium occupancy.

Notifications. Have the system notify the responsible employee if there is a problem - e.g. the dowser does not open or the bulb does not ignite at show start. Via system, e-mail or directly pushed to your smartphone via app.

Event-based triggers. Create notifications based on dozens of triggers, such as notifying your cleaning staff via push notification when it's time to clean an auditorium, how many visitors were in the show and how much time they have to clean.

Task assignment. Assign tasks to your employees and track their progress.

Monitoring. Do you want to avoid ticket control at the auditorium entrance? With the camera-based admission control, you can easily determine whether there are more visitors in the auditorium than tickets sold.

Intelligent de-escalation. If the dowser does not open or the bulb does not ignite at show start, the system repeatedly performs the macros and informs the responsible employee if manual action is required.

The most accurate and reliable daily schedule ever

The process listed here is an example of how accurately the system can technically manage your day. With a thoroughness and reliability that only a computer can provide. This saves working time for your team and significantly increases operational reliability. Oh yes - and of course this precision also reduces electricity costs.

Save energy and labor cost

You can enter in the system how many minutes before a show start you want your auditorium and building technology to boot up, and how many minutes after a show you want it to be shut down again. Based on the POS data, the system does the job by itself, reliably and on time.
No equipment runs when it is not needed. Employees don't have to be there early to start or preheat equipment in the cinema. They no longer need timers that require time-consuming reprogramming when programs change or during vacation periods. The system can keep the bulb running or turn it off and reignite it depending on the time between shows. The perfect balance between power consumption and the lifespan of the bulb.

Let us warn you

OneCinema Monitoring & Automation permanently monitors the processes and workflows in your cinema. If a process does not run as intended, e.g. the opening of the dowser or the ignition of the bulb, your employees are actively informed - if desired via app as a push message to the smartphone.

This way, you don't have to constantly check whether the long overdue KDM has finally arrived, a fan needs to be cleaned or the pre-show is too long or even too short. Knowing if something is threatening the smooth operation of your current show is crucial. With this knowledge, you can intervene before your visitors are upset because the show won't start.

Convenience for your customers, cost savings for you

Both your AC and the volume are optimized for you by the system, guaranteeing the best possible volume and climate comfort for your customers while keeping your cost low. Adjusting the AC quickly often requires a particular high amount of energy. OneCinema Monitoring & Automation helps you save energy.

Replacement at the right time

The bulb forecast informs you in time when you need a new bulb. Furthermore, the system can help you to use the bulb as long as possible without being surprised by a final defect.

Proper maintenance prevents defects

A clogged fan or an overheated processor are often slowly developing defects. If they remain unnoticed, they often result in the total failure of an entire component. The system provides a great overview of the status of all monitored components. But who wants to check on this every few days? It is better to let the system inform you as soon as a certain threshold is reached.