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The OneCinema Manager already manages more than 2,634 screens in 453 cinemas in six European countries. On this page, you can find out what a selection of our customers have to say about our collaboration.

Cinemas love OneCinema.

On this page you can find out what a selection of our customers have to say about our collaboration.

Nino Otteni


Forum Cinemas | Germany 20 screens

"The Theater Management System from OneCinema is our solution for constant high quality in the projection area. Errors can be eliminated - the system automatically warns when content and KDMs are missing, so that we can react as quickly as possible and offer our customers on-time, high-quality shows. Time saving is another factor. The manual setup of playlists is replaced by comprehensive, intelligent rules of the TMS and therefore offers a complete overview of the entire projection. We see OneCinema as the right partner to be able to react appropriately and promptly to future developments. Forum Cinemas recommends OneCinema TMS."

Thomas Werder-Frank


Cineplex Singen, Friedrichshafen, Reutlingen | DE 24 screens

"We have been using EIKONA TMS and the complementary modules for the foyer and hardware automation in our 3 sites and 24 screens for several years. This enables us to use the full potential of the software, which makes our work extremely easy. Automation & Monitoring boots up the complete cinema and building technology fully automatically on the basis of the schedule and shuts it down automatically after the last performance. If no ticket is sold for a performance, the cinema technology is automatically switched off, which reduces electricity costs. Monitoring the lifetime of the xenon bulbs is also a real big benefit. This means that the projectionist is not limited to the projection room and can turn his attention to other tasks. An important feature for us is the automatic volume increase when the system detects that an auditorium has reached a certain level of capacity based on the number of visitors from the POS system. This increases the quality of each individual performance. Since the digital signage for all locations can be programmed from a central control system, it is extremely easy for the employees to bring content to the monitors of every location. Views for the POS or weekly schedules are automatically generated by the system based on data from your POS system. It is also important for us that EIKONA is constantly developing the software and that they are not satisfied with what they have achieved so far."

Alexandre Soussi

former CTO

Cinepel SA Neuchâtel | Switzerland 28 screens

"The special characteristics of our infrastructure (28 screens in 17 cinema centers in 5 different cities) and the specific requirements would have discouraged most providers. Nevertheless, OneCinema met the challenge and offered customized solutions with the TMS and the Circuit Control. Switching to their Theater Management System radically improved and centralized our workflow, allowing our projectionists to take on new responsibilities while freeing themselves from the tiresome manual creation of playlists and content management. OneCinema's commitment to customers and their highly responsive developers made integration into our group of companies an easy task and has to be complimented here. Whenever problems arose, together we found a solution within a very short time. After a year of intensive use, I must admit that we underestimated the potential and the optimizations the system offers. OneCinema far exceeds our expectations in terms of stability, support and development".

Christian Mathys

former COO

Kiwi Kinos AG | Switzerland 14 screens

"OneCinema's Theater Management System was the final, but very important step in the Kiwi Cinemas' move to fully digitalize our theaters. With the numerous options available, we can guarantee highly professional performances at all times, with minimal staffing requirements. We would like to use the platform at this point to mention OneCinema's support. In many cases the cooperation with a supplier after the investment of a program or application proves to be difficult. In case of questions, difficulties or expansion possibilities, the customer often does not get the same attention as when the product is sold. At OneCinema, this has never been and still is in no way the case. The communication channels were clear from the very beginning, the reaction time to e-mails from us is short and there is always an open and interested mind for inquiries from the cinema. Thumbs up for this quality of service towards customers!"

Benjamin Dauhrer


Cinecitta' multiplex cinema | Germany 31 screens

"We are in the process of digitalizing our procedures more and more. OneCinema’s software solutions are an important basis to implement this throughout many areas. I especially appreciate the stability with which even complex processes can be automated and optimized. The openness of the solutions helps us to use existing data and improve the flow of information within the company. For us, cooperation has been a constant exchange of ideas for years, which helps us to advance each other. We particularly appreciate OneCinema’s openness to re-think issues in new ways."

Michael Ewert

CTO, Partner

Cineplex Group | Germany 557 screens

"The Cineplex Group is a merger of economically independent, medium-sized cinema companies. With 88 cinemas, 557 screens and around 93,000 seats, we are the market leader in Germany. Cineplex has been successfully using the OneCinema TMS for many years. Through continuous development and adjustment to our needs, this system became an indispensable tool for us. With OneCinema Circuit Control, we generate the trailering of all running films in all our 91 cinemas. This weekly work, which all sites used to have to do individually for themselves we now do in four hours from our headquarters with one or two employees. Local or own advertisement spots can be added with little effort, based on rules. The advertisement spots of our advertising agents are inserted into the playlists fully automatically. Content is also distributed automatically. Within the last few years, we moved forward in building automation for our cinemas. OneCinema Automation & Monitoring allows us to manage our building devices based on our schedule and the number of visitors. We started by automatically booting up and shutting down our projection devices with all their peripherals. We also started monitoring our operations and added automatic notifications to responsible employees, if the situation requires it. Last year, we began to connect and manage our air conditioning systems with OneCinema. By doing so, we increased the comfort for our visitors in the auditoriums as well as reduced the energy cost for ourselves. Besides the stability, reliability and intuitive usability of the software, we appreciate the cooperative partnership with EIKONA regarding the continuous and practice-oriented development of their software modules, the innovative work of the developers as well as the professional support. All of this ultimately led to a higher operational reliability and significant time and cost savings in our operations.”

Matti Schildknecht

Head of Cinema Technology

blue Entertainment AG, formerly KITAG | Switzerland 80 screens

"Blue Entertainment AG has a long-standing and valued partnership with OneCinema, which is constantly evolving with the technical changes in the cinema sector. With OneCinema TMS and the associated modules, we have the possibility to operate our cinemas in a technically efficient and targeted manner. Thanks to Circuit Control, we also have an interface that allows us to centrally plan and maintain all content in our cinemas. Using the Automation & Monitoring module, we were able to realize our first cinema in Muri near Bern in 2018, which masters daily cinema operations completely automatically. We are looking forward to realizing further exciting challenges and projects with OneCinema."