Bringing Together Different Competences.
Gain an overview.

 Increasing Quality.

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OneCinema Cloud

OneCinema Cloud is specially designed for the needs of cinema circuits or operators of several sites. Here you can centrally control both the projection and digital signage of your sites.

Circuit Control

 Your most qualified employees have control of the systems at all cinema locations, ensuring consistent quality and all theaters benefit from the expertise of your specialists. This saves you a lot of working time, reduces errors and gives you a perfect overview of all processes in your sites at your headquarters.

In OneCinema Cloud - Circuit Control, data from all sites is aggregated and graphically processed to provide you with the basis for sound business decisions. Data from your POS system, such as tickets sold and turnover by visitors, films and tracks and concession turnover, are also clearly displayed here. Have you always been interested in the correlation between trailer views and number of visitors of a film? In OneCinema Cloud - Circuit Control you will find the answer.

Bundling Competencies. Gaining Overview. Increasing Quality.

The cloud-based central administration for Theater Management and Digital Signage is perfect for the operation of several sites and multi-level company hierarchies. Dedicated rights management for users and user groups is available to you. Via your web browser you log in securely to the German OneCinema data center and take control of important key functions of OneCinema Theater Management and OneCinema Digital Signage from the company's headquarters or anywhere in the world.

Better overview of all sites. In the notification center you receive warnings and info messages from all of your cinema sites in one central place. Numerous filters and tags provide you with a good overview.

Graphical analysis of your trailering and your visitor and revenue data support you in making smart business decisions. Which trailer has been seen by how many visitors at which site and how many visitors did you attract with it? How is the film performing in which track and when is it time to switch to a smaller auditorium? These and many more answers can be found in our KPI dashboard. You can design it yourself and display widgets and graphics that contain the KPIs which are important for you.

The playlists for your shows and your digital signage can be created in one place, giving you a better overview of your film marketing across all sites. Your team can take care of weekly tasks from one central location in a fraction of the time. This way you can create the screen pre-show for hundreds of screens within only a few hours.

Central cloud-based content distribution. Content for the screen pre-show or the signage system can be imported into the OneCinema Cloud - Circuit Control. As soon as the content has been scheduled in a show or the digital signage, the content is automatically transmitted to the cinemas and distributed in the cinema network. This means that content can be played out in no time and can be changed or updated with very little effort. The content is only transmitted to the sites for which it has been scheduled - this prevents unnecessary traffic and saves storage space in each site.

Centralized and decentralized working. Depending on the level of authorization, not only the head office but also employees at all sites can import and schedule content. This gives you total flexibility and you can optimally map your workflow and processes in the system.