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OneCinema Signage

With OneCinema Digital Signage, you can offer your visitors a modern and informative experience in your foyer. You can advertise your program, promotions and offers and inform your customers about your schedules and your concession. Marketing via your advertising agent is also in a convenient and fully automated way.

Digital Signage

Advertise your program, promotions and offers and inform your customers about playtimes and your venue. Marketing via your advertising intermediary is also convenient and fully automated.

Flexible marketing tool. Modern foyer experience. More value for your guests.

Automatic import of POS data such as schedule, age rating, release type and tickets sold.

Automatic creation of playlists for your film marketing in the foyer from the pre-show of the screens. Of course, you can also have playlists created independently of the pre-show, based on rules, or you can create them manually via drag & drop.

Maximum flexibility in content playback due to numerous references and triggers. You can generate playlists dynamically or statically. Content can be played time-based, programme-based, linear or randomly.

Automatic content distribution copies the content to the playback devices and deletes it when it is no longer needed.

Free content delivery by OneCinema. Posters, trailers and LOS (Living-One-Sheets) are provided for the D-A-CH market at no extra cost and automatically imported into the system. In Switzerland, this also includes different language regions with their different start times.

Automatic creation of views. The system automatically creates the schedule overviews. For trailers, an overlay is automatically generated with the corresponding poster, title and release date in your cinema. Posters, Living-One-Sheets, countdown for intermissions with live data and concession images are also supported.

Numerous design templates for different views make it easy to set up the system.

Individualization of displays. All design templates can be customized with your cinema logo, company colors and own information. Your own image files for concession or your own video clips can uploaded easily into the system via drag & drop. Each view can be customized individually and in great detail to your needs. For example, you can decide for yourself whether the number of free seats for a show is displayed or not.

Flexible monitor splitting for displays in landscape or portrait mode with split view on one screen, dividing monitor areas or splitting a view across multiple screens.

Player synchronization for video walls for visually stunning video wall installations. To ensure a proper display, the system removes intended gaps and the monitor frames. As a result, there are no line jumps in the image, even with diagonal lines, creating a more natural display. You can simultaneously display several monitors with separate, combined or the same content, e.g. display a poster 8 times on 8 monitors and then play a trailer once on a large screen, trailers and posters simultaneously, etc.

Direct playback on Samsung SSP displays without an external OneCinema Digital Signage player. Our dedicated Samsung Tizen app allows direct playback on Samsung Professional Displays with support for the Samsung SMART Signage Platform. Samsung SSP displays do not require external players for OneCinema Digital Signage.

DOOH - Digital-Out-Of-Home advertising generates advertising revenue. Possibility to market advertising via third parties (so far Weischer Cinema). Advertising agents can have advertising spots inserted remotely and automatically - e.g. display a spot x times per hour - the system then implements the spot automatically into the OneCinema Digital Signage playlists.

Manage your monitors from everywhere. Monitors outside the cinema (e.g. train station, shopping center) can be remotely accessed via a VPN connection as if you were directly in the cinema network. This makes the times when employees had to travel to external advertising locations to exchange USB sticks a thing of the past. And you can easily advertise your cinema and program in the best locations in the city on a daily basis with the click of a button.

Smart Trailering

OneCinema Digital Signage determines the start date of the film from the POS system and creates an overlay with the title of the film, automatically generates a sentence like "From 30.07.2021 in this cinema!" Of course you can define the wording of the sentence yourself in the settings.

Overviews according to your needs

The system provides well thought-out and flexibly adaptable views around your points-of-sale, lounge areas and auditorium entrance. The system creates program overviews or an intermission countdown based on the POS data completely independently. By the way, you can easily adapt the design yourself and of course you can also use your own logo.

Advertisement for YOU

Advertising for promotions such as Mens' Night, concession promos or price lists can simply be inserted as an image file, giving you maximum design freedom. The same procedure is of course also suitable for rentals and special events.

Scheduled Foyer

Content can be displayed on the basis of the screen pre-show or played in a timer-based, schedule-based, linear or random manner. You have rented your cinema to a local company next week Wednesday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. - no problem. During this time, the system displays your welcome picture for the company and then automatically switches back to your regular views.

Video walls make an impression

Smart Video Wall - synchronized playout for impressive video wall installations. Player synchronization allows you to simultaneously play multiple screens with separate, combined or the identical content. The pictured video wall from the Cinedom in Cologne is divided into 3 segments with 3 players, bringing varied and impressive images to the display.

Samsung Smart Signage

OneCinema has developed an app for Samsung monitors from the Samsung Professional Series and the Samsung SMART Signage Platform. This eliminates the need for the usually required player per monitor. The OneCinema Digital Signage server plays the content directly on the Samsung monitors.