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We develop software for the cinema industry. Our customers are the operators of cinemas and cinema circuits. Our software simplifies and automates operating processes and workflows. It monitors operations, increases operational reliability and provides cinema management with modern marketing tools for the screen and the foyer. Here you can find out how we think and operate and how our company has developed.

We do not Develop for Ourselves, but for Our Customers

Our Cinema Solutions Limited structure was founded in 2012 as a spin-off of the EIKONA Group. 4 years later we were the market leader in Germany in the TMS sector. As a complete industry newcomer, we were only able to achieve this thanks to an extremely close cooperation with our first customers. As the sole TMS manufacturer from Germany, we developed our systems from the very beginning according to the requirements and wishes of cinema operators.

We gratefully uphold these strong partnerships to this day. We gladly take any feedback from our customers, as this enables us to improve our software even more and to adapt it continuously to changing market requirements. This philosophy has again helped us a lot when we entered the Swiss market in 2014. We were able to integrate special features, such as the three language regions with different release times for films, into our software in a very short time. This and appreciation for our highly praised support made us the market leader in Switzerland within 3 years.

If You don't Go Forward, You Go Backward.

Modern software architectures are the basis for us to develop modern systems, which work stable and reliable in the backend and offer the operator a modern user experience in the frontend. Within 8 years we are currently changing to the third software architecture in order to network our systems even more in depth in a central cloud system.

Our software is therefore constantly kept up to date with the latest technology and is continuously developed further in terms of functions and user-friendliness. All our customers receive a free overnight update to their systems approximately four times a year.

After our initial product TMS, we have added another module to our product range every 2 years. We now offer Digital Signage, Automation & Monitoring, a Circuit Control System for cinema chains and a Scheduling & Billing tool. We work on this constant improvement of existing products and the realization of new ones with 10 of our own developers at the beautiful Mainschleife in the north of Bavaria. After our software has been available in 3 languages since 2018, we are now looking forward to partnerships outside the GSA market.

Interfaces, System Compatibility and a Dedicated Support are Essential

Interfaces to the cinema hardware and to the software of other service providers are important in order to reach synergy effects and ensure smooth operation. We understand the importance of quickly interfacing new systems and technologies. For example, we were the first provider in Europe to connect the new Samsung Onyx LED screens. We are also always one of the first to integrate national interfaces such as, TrailerApp and Cinuru.

Excellent after sales support is the basis for a long-term business relationship for us. This keeps us close to our customers and partners. That helps everyone and makes everyone happy - customers, partners and us.